These days, with retirees living longer in retirement than they did working, we see many more active seniors than ever before. With new technologies and data proving that staying fit and active and eating healthy means you can live longer and do so with the ability to live independently, more and more senior citizens are looking at finding ways to beat the odds and prove they are far from past their prime. As long as they have the physical, mental and emotional ability to live on their own, without assistance, then why should they be forced to live in a "home"?

Although retirement homes, or independent living facilities as they are now called, are much different today than they were decades ago, you'll find most senior citizens still prefer the comfort of living in their own home. After all this is where they have roots, have built a family, and invested everything they have in many cases. Why leave all of that if you don't have to?

Thanks to technology as well as the fact that many companies have heard the cries of seniors, many products have been designed specifically to help those who want to live an active lifestyle and live a long time independently. One of those industries is the walk in bath industry. They have taken the standard bath and transformed it into something spectacular. Something that not only allows the individual the dignity of bathing without assistance, but also offers them comfort, peace of mind, luxury and ease of use.

Most walk in bathtub manufacturer's offer two material options; acrylic or fiberglass. Both materials have pros and cons. You will also find most walk in baths come in several color options to match the look and feel of your own bathroom. Each walk in bath manufacturer offers their own list of features and options; however you will typically find that the following covers what most walk in tub company's offer as standard features.

  • Large door opening which allows you to walk into your bath.
  • Non-slip floor.
  • Grab bar or handle.
  • Soaking options such as soaking only, jets and/or air bubbles for massage.
  • Multiple size options.
  • Acrylic or Fiberglass.

Some walk in bath manufacturers have really listened to their customers and offer even more lavish options than you would find in a standard bath such as chromatherapy, aromatherapy, tub heater, fast drain, and a built in sanitizing system.

Thanks to the walk in bath industry, senior citizens now have options. They have the ability to stay in the security of their own home while still being self-reliant and self-assured. It also gives the families of seniors the peace of mind that their loved one is safe and sound and happy.